Classes at NAB

Newport Academy of Ballet offers classes to students of all ages and skill levels. To help find the perfect class, browse through the chart below using the student's age suggestion age on the left. For further help with placement, contact


Adult Intermediate Ballet - Adult Beginner Ballet - Virtual Adult Beginner Ballet - Ballroom - Adult Beginner Tap

Ages 3-5 
Creative Movement

 1/2 hour per week. Designed for 3 and 4 year olds, this class is playful and energetic.  We introduce ballet concepts through limbering and stretching,  exploring  our own movement,  development of gross motor skills, coordination, listening and experimenting with rhythms and imaginative story telling through movement.


45 min. per week.  A class for 5-6 year olds that builds on the creative movement class but adds concepts of spatial awareness, patterns, working together and some ballet terminology.

Ballet Ages 6-8 
Beginner Ballet

1 hour per week. This is a class for 7-8 year olds. It is the first year of more formal study. Students start doing some barre work, beginning with about 10 minutes and increasing slowly  over the course of the year.  The center work is more formal as well. Gradually introducing more terminology and steps while working on posture, coordination and gross motor skills. We still reserve time in this class to explore creative story telling through movement.

1 hour and 15 minutes per week designed for ages 8-10.  These classes progress by age and skill level, increasing the formal study as the students are ready for more focus and more discipline. Most students in this level for more than one year, progressing with the entire class through more challenging material as they mature.

Ballet 1

Ages 3-5 

Ballet Ages 8-18 
Ballet  2-6

1.5 hours per week. These levels include all of our students through their teen years and graduation from High School. Each student progresses through the levels at her/his own rate rising through the levels as the skill level increases. Most students in these levels are taking more than one class a week and have added pointe, Jazz and or Tap to the classes they are taking. Some students are in the studio every day.

Pre pointe, Pointe, and Variations

The study of Pointe is a separate class form classical ballet. The student must be 11 years of age and have studied for at least 5 years. Students must be invited to start pointe work. Their readiness is determined by their core strength, posture and the flexibility of their feet. Students begin with a half hour pre-pointe class for about 6 months to insure their readiness and the class as whole progresses to pointe shoes in the winter of the year that they start pre-pointe.   When first starting pointe work, all the work is done on the barre starting with just a few minutes and progressing to longer and longer periods and eventually moving to some center work. After a year students will be adding an hour to hour and half long pointe class to the classes they are taking. Everyone taking pointe must be taking at least one ballet technique class a week.

Variations class offers students a unique chance to develop their artistry and knowledge of classical ballets as they learn repertoire from classical ballet. Variations classes are taught en pointe.

Contemporary 3 - Imc Rep

1 hour to 1.5 hours per week. Student start contemporary at the age of 10. Our contemporary teachers are experts in helping dancers discover new ways to move and express themselves. Our highest level of contemporary dance introduces repertoire from NAB's affiliate company, Island Moving Company.

Jazz (Beginner-Jazz 5/6)

1 hour to 1 1/2 hours per week. Students start Jazz at the age of 7. Our Jazz teachers have extensive backgrounds in posture and alignment and are able to move the students into a freer contemporary style focusing on isolations, coordination and stringing longer and longer movement combinations together.

Tap (Pre Tap - Tap3/4)

We have tap classes for all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced and adults. The student will be placed according to age and skill level.

Adult Division
Adult Division

Our adult division offers classes for adults of all ages and abilities. Classes are designed to provide a relaxed, supportive, and fun atmosphere while learning new skills and and providing a great physical workout. We offer Ballroom, Intermediate Ballet, beginner tap, and Beginner Ballet. These classes can be taken on a drop in basis or by the term. They are filled with adults who have either danced when they were young or have always wanted to dance but never had the opportunity.

Performance Opportunities
Performance Opportunities

 Parents observation weeks occur twice in the fall and once in the spring. Parents are invited into the studio to watch class. Students at the Academy all have the opportunity to perform in our end of year recital held at Portsmouth High School. This is not a mandatory performance at the end of the second term in June. We provide costumes for the students. They are not required to buy costumes or sell a certain number of tickets. A small costume fee of $25-40 dollars is assessed based on how many performance pieces a student will be dancing in. This is a maintenance fee for repair and cleaning.


There are also opportunities for the students to perform with the professional company. The Island Moving Company holds auditions every fall for children's roles in the highly acclaimed Newport Nutcracker at Rosecliff. Over 50 students are chosen to perform with the company every year. There are numerous other performance opportunities with IMC depending on what the company is doing. Students from the Academy have been used in Open for Dancing, Mother Goose at Rosecliff, Newport Stories, Twilight Pas de Deux, Dances for Channing Memorial Church  and other special performances that  require young people.