Learn a few new moves while you’re physically distancing!

To break out of your isolation blues and get you dancing, Island Moving Company and the Newport Academy of Ballet are offering a valuable thread of continuity and social connection with our new Climb the Walls & Dance! series. These FREE, 30-minute micro-classes are a great way to engage with new and wonderful things to watch and do!

March 30 - April 1

Monday 12:30 - 1p

Jose will lead you through the basics of salsa and get those hips moving and grooving! Learn a little combo that you can take out on the town and electrify the dance floor.

Ballet Barre

Wednesday 12:30 - 1p

Follow along with Emily as she guides you through a ballet barre the whole family can enjoy. Be sure to have a chair or counter to hold onto.


Friday 12:30 - 1p

Push ups, burpees, and sit ups oh my! Greg will lead you through a series of workouts that will get your heart rate up and those endorphins going. If you have workout mat or yoga mat it would be preferred but not required.


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