Danielle Genest


Danielle has danced professionally with Hartford Ballet, New York Theatre Ballet, Cadence Dance Project (Colleen Cavanaugh and Dancers) and currently with the Island Moving Company (IMC) of Newport Rhode Island. She has also worked with various independent choreographers both nationally and internationally. As a choreographer herself, Danielle has created works for New York Theatre Ballet, IMC, Tallahassee Ballet, Festival Ballet Providences Junior Company, and Hartford Ballets Arts Exclusive.  Her work has been showcased at the Élan Awards in New York City and the 10th Internationals Ballet meeting in Austria.  Additionally, Danielle is co-founder and Associate Artistic Director of New York City based Janusphere Dance Company for which she choreographs and dances.  She is currently on the faculty of Providence Ballet and Newport Academy of Balletar.